Sunday, February 17, 2013

Turkey Bacon Turkey Burgers

These Turkey Bacon Turkey Burgers were inspired by a few different things. drives me crazy when I have strips of bacon on a sandwich or burger and they fall off every time I take a bite.  Two...we use turkey bacon to try to be a little more healthy, but it's still pretty high in sodium.  In order to use less for these turkey burgers I cooked the turkey bacon and then crumbled it into the ground turkey before forming the patties...that way there's a little bacon in every bite without using quite as much ;)
1 lb Lean Ground Turkey
4 Slices of Turkey Bacon (cooked according to package directions & crumbled)
1 Tsp Garlic Salt
1/2 Tsp Onion Powder
1/2 Tsp Ground Black Pepper
1/4 Tsp Ground Mustard
1 Tsp McCormick's Perfect Pinch Salt Free Southwest Sweet & Smokey Seasoning
Optional toppings: Avocado, Tomato, Olive Oil Mayo, Mustard, Organic Ketchup
Combine all ingredients in mixing bowl.  The best way to combine all of the ingredients is to use your hands...BUT it never fails that as soon as I have my hands messy my kiddos need something (or get into something they shouldn't be in), so I use a fork to mix everything together.


Once the seasonings and turkey bacon crumbles have been mixed into the ground turkey, form patties.  The size of the patties will vary depending on the size of the buns you are using.  I made mine to fit the whole wheat sandwich thins that we were using in lieu of buns.  I cooked mine in a skillet for about three minutes on each side.  They were about an inch thick, so adjust your cooking times accordingly for thicker or thinner patties.  

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