Saturday, February 9, 2013

Three Ways to Follow Fit From Scratch

Did you know that there are three ways for you to follow Fit From Scratch?  Here's a quick breakdown so that you can decide which way(s) are best for you....

1. Instagram: @Fitfromscratch on Instagram

Not surprisingly, Instagram is where you will find the most pictures ;)  I use Instagram to post simple meals that don't require a big recipe write up, motivational quotes, and workouts.  This is also where I "preview" recipes before I write them up.  Every time something goes up on the blog Instagram is updated as well.  I use my Instagram account to help keep myself accountable, which is why I post there the most.  If you can't get enough health and fitness info in your life then follow me on Instagram!

2. Twitter: @Fit_FromScratch on Twitter

I am pretty new to tweeting...twittering...using twitter ;)  Anything that I post on Facebook will also be on Twitter.  Occasionally a picture from Instagram will make it to Twitter too.  I re-tweet a lot of health and fitness related information from the magazines and fitness experts that I follow on Twitter, so it's a good place to find workouts, recipes, and motivational quotes from others....and some from me ;)

3. Facebook: Fit From Scratch on Facebook

I know I don't like it when a page I follow on Facebook posts non-stop (and clutters up my feed), so I try to keep Facebook posts limited to the essentials.  Anytime there's a new blog post I update Facebook.  Every once and a while I'll post something from Instagram or Twitter if I think it's just too great NOT to post it.  Did that make sense?  I think it did LOL

One more quick thing....

I wanted to say THANK YOU!  I know I posted a quick thank you a while back, but I just can't say it enough.  I started this blog thinking that at the very least it would help to keep me motivated and would keep me accountable.  All of the positive feedback and encouragement I have received right from the start has been such a blessings.  It is beyond encouraging to know that my recipes and workouts are helping people stay on track with their health and fitness goals. 

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