Monday, January 28, 2013

Hazelnut Agave Nectar Latte

We were running behind this morning and I ended up skipping my morning coffee.  By mid-afternoon I was totally dragging, so I decided to make myself a half-caff latte.  Hopefully it will be just enough caffeine to get me through the day...without keeping me up all night ;)


- 8 Oz. milk of your choice (I used lactose free 1% milk)
- 4 Oz. strong coffee or espresso (I used two heaping TBS of decaf + 2 heaping TBS of regular coffee and only enough water for two cups of coffee)
- 1 TBS of Hazelnut flavored Agave Nectar (I used Madhava brand)


Heat the milk and agave nectar for 60 seconds in the microwave.  If you want foam on your latte just blend the flavored milk for a minute or two in a blender.  Then gently pour over strong coffee or espresso.  Enjoy!

- If you don't want foam you can skip that step all together.
- Every coffee maker and coffee is different.  Play around with what you have until you find your perfect latte :)
-Agave nectar is a great sweetener for those avoiding processed sugar and artificial sweeteners.  Always read the label and make sure that the agave nectar your buying doesn't have anything extra added in there that you don't want ;)

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